So, not quite a complete write up, but I am on holiday so this is the best I’ll be giving. Am knocking this up on my iPhone, so formatting will be a little different, and just picks only.

Benavidez v Moraga

More of a test of Moragas ability than Benavidez’s, he only loses to the best in his division (Cruz, DJ).

Benavidez is the pick at -600 for 2 units.

Browne v Arlovski

Beast vs Beast, Arlovski been upsetting the odds since his return, but this a different proposition altogether.

Browne at -450 for 2 units.

Cerrone v Makdessi

Probably the shock of the night if Cerrone drops this one. A filler fight until a better fighter is available, or title shot (whichever comes first).

Cerrone wins inside the distance – 1 unit at +115

Weidman v Belfort

Really can’t see beyond the Champ for this one. Belfort on the bench and off the TRT for 18 months now, Weidman inactive for almost a year.  Can see Belfort getting submitted late on as he did against Jones.

Weidman is the pick at -500 for 2 units.

Cormier v Johnson

Not the fight we all wanted but a hugely competitive one, nonetheless. DC was dominated by Jones, but should find his wrestling too good for Johnson. Rumble may have other plans though, he hits harder than Jones and DC may not be able to cope with that. Been flip flopping on this for a while but am going to lean to Johnson. This is a new Rumble and he could disrupt the entire division, whereas DC has beaten a lot of fighters outside of their prime.

Johnson at +115 is the pick for 1 unit.

Parlay Time

Benavidez, Browne and Cerrone for 2 units.

Total risk for a cracking night of MMA is 10 units.